Grace Lutheran Youth Group

Grace Lutheran Church in Hibbing, MN has ten youth who prayerfully considered and committed to attending the LCMS National Youth Gathering this year! This has not been a small commitment. Students have been attending bible studies and working together to serve the church. We also have 3 adults who have donated their time and efforts to make this possible!

While many students were disappointed that we would not be heading across the country to Florida, Texas, or Utah, what a great opportunity to share with the 25,000 teens what our great state has to offer. I am excited to see how they are able to showcase our wonderful state! AND what the love and discipleship of the LCMS youth can do for the cities and state! 

Also, with the gathering being so close to home, travel expenses are very low! What a blessing!! However, if you have ever stated downtown in Minneapolis or St. Paul in the summer... Hotel costs can be high! It is our tourist season after all! We are seeking a bit more support to help off-put the cost of housing, meals, and activities while we attend the 5-day gathering.

Our youth have worked to raise funds through:

  • Sub Sales, which they made too!

  • Butterbraid Sales

  • Envelope Sponsors

  • Calendar Sales

  • Rent-a-Servant tasks for members

  • Valentine's Dinner

  • Serving donuts and coffee Sunday mornings

  • Serving Lent Dinner

Any support that can be given is very much appreciated! Grace youth, their leaders and parents are incredibly thankful for all the prayers and support that has been offered as we prepare for the National Youth Gathering!!

You can follow our journey on Instagram! @Gracehibbingyouth